How To Spend A Weekend In Berlin

Berlin is beautiful, it has a special charm about it that just makes you feel like it’s where you belong. I was lucky enough to spend a weekend in this beautiful city last October and despite the biting cold weather, it was incredible. In the few days I was there I managed to cram in as many sights and excuses to explore as possible so get ready for a whirlwind of recommendations.


When we first got to Berlin we were ridiculously hungry! So, after dropping our suitcases in our hotel room we went exploring. Just past the Berliner Dom is a picturesque row of small restaurants and cafes and the most amazing views. We also saw this at night and it looked just as amazing.


Everywhere is a perfect mix of modern and old. Every road, street sign and even lampost is covered with artwork of some kind, boasting creativity and originality and it’s a great difference from the ornate buildings all around you.


TIP – Take a tour of some kind around the city at the start of your trip. Though this may seem cheesy and touristy it is the perfect way to decide what to do with the rest of your trip and could reveal places you didn’t know existed.

We bought a ticket for a hop on hop off bus where the guide spoke both German and English. As Berlin seems to be split into two parts this was a great way to get to the other side without walking for the morning. The guide was extremely informational so we learnt a lot about the places we would spend the weekend walking around.


The Panorampunkt building looks like any other office block but you can take a lift up to the roof and see some amazing views over the Tiergarden, River Spree and the many Cathedrals dotted about.DSC_0028DSC_0375



Checkpoint Charlie is a popular tourist area which doesn’t seem to have too much else around unless you want to go into the Checkpoint Charlie museum. We had no intention of visiting as we had already driven past on our bus tour, however, we had to take a detour due to an unexploded WWII bomb being found and walked past. There is an outdoor area across the road which has detailed information about WWII and some interesting artefacts to look at including parts of the wall.

A must see is the Reichstag building. This is a parliamentary building with a massive grass courtyard at the front, it is easily walkable from the Brandenburg Gate. In this building you are escorted in groups after passing security and taken to the roof. In the roof is glass dome with a spiralled ramp, you are given audio guides which explain all the sites visible whilst walking around, as well as giving historical details about some of Germany’s political history.

The dome is beautiful and if you go at sunset like we did you will appreciate the view so much more.

TIP – Book free tickets online before your visit to Berlin as you will need to print passes.


Visit the small but cute historic district – Nikolaiviertel. We had the best crepes here and there are some lovely small shops. This is pretty hidden but if you walk from Alexanderplatz and the Fernsehturm, there are red painted signs on the floor which are easy to follow.


Some final tips to make the trip enjoyable but easy:

  • Don’t cross the road until the green man shows – be careful though because some cars still drive through pedestrian crossings
  • Try Currywurst!!!
  • Most places are walkable – don’t waste money on train or tram tickets
  • If you go in winter bring lots of warm clothes –  the wind gets you
  • and finally, if there’s extreme fog outside at 9pm, embrace it..


Check out the vlog i made whilst in Berlin:



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