Class Pass Trial

I’ve been searching for my next fitness venture, and just on cue, after an extremely indulgent holiday, my lovely friend Bex sent me a link to a Class Pass 2 week trial for only £10!

‘Class Pass’ is very popular within the fitness community, allowing it’s members to attend an unlimited and  massive range of classes, from spin to yoga, boxing to pilates and even breakdancing. Within the UK, this is currently only in the ‘London Metro’ area, however, this can be easily accessible to me and encouraged a few mornings of exploration around parts of the city that I’ve never got around to visiting.

I was lucky enough to be able to squeeze in # classes within my two week period and have reviewed these all down below.

BOOTCAMP PILATES – Standard Reformer Pilates 

1 hour – Richmond.

I attended a standard class where we focused on our core and abs as well as briefly targeting our upper bodies. Reformer classes are great because at the time you don’t feel exhausted, however, you are fully aware how hard your muscles are working. I definitely felt a good burn the next day.


45 minutes – Richmond.

Bex and I went to a 7.30am ride class and though there were only a few of us there it was incredibly motivating! The instructor Rebekah is so lovely and so upbeat, making you forget that you’d usually still be in bed. The studio consists of over 50 bikes, large screens to see live stats and flashing lights which fit with the best music. I would definitely recommend an early morning class as I felt so accomplished having burnt nearly 1000 calories before 9am, and still had the whole day ahead of me. If you ever get the chance to go then is deduct key recommend Rebekah as your instructor. I attended this exact same class on 3 separate occasions because I loved it so much!

BEST’S BOOTCAMP – Bootcamp Full Body

50 minutes – Charing Cross.

We had a free Saturday and took it as an opportunity to squish in some classes and eat amazing food at The Good Life Eatery and Wild Food Cafe. First, we went to this full body bootcamp. I had no idea what to expect, and had a very intense 50 minutes of sprints, kettle bells, treadmill incline and body weight circuits without any breaks! This is most definitely not for the faint hearted – I am not joking when I say this was hard (I nearly threw up).


1 hour 30 minutes – Vauxhall.


After a crazily intense morning we thought a good yoga flow class would help stretch out our muscles. However, this was a very fast class with some advanced moves included. It was amazing none the less and the instructor was unbelievably helpful and had a great hands on approach.

BARREWORKS – Barrworks Workout

1 hour – Richmond.

I had absolutely no idea what to expect with this class as it was titled as a mix between normal barre and a cardio workout. The studio was quite hard to find but was very welcoming and cool inside. This class wasn’t really my cup of tea but nonetheless, I did have a good workout; this consisted of small movements using low weights, resistance bands and the barre itself.

In total, if I were to have attended these classes at their normal price I would have paid :

I guess what I’m trying to share is to make the most out of all the free trials and discounted offers on the Internet!

H x


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