Recipe Review – Deliciously Ella’s Hazelnut Cacao Spread

I received Deliciously Ella’s cookbook for my birthday and immediately went and grabbed all my little post-it notes and starting tabbing the pages of amazing looking food that I wanted to make. I’m not the most talented when it comes to the kitchen so I decided to try something simple first; Cacao Hazelnut Spread (I mean it’s basically blending right?).


The recipe that I followed can be found online here.

The recipe looked easy enough, had minimal ingredients which were all healthy and easy to find, and had very few steps.


When Ella has written that you need a powerful blender, she really really means it. I thought my blender was strong enough, but in the process of making this, it decided it didn’t have the required strength to smush up some hazelnuts and died on me. So my spread ended up being a little chunkier and more textured than the recipe was intending.


The taste of the spread is nice and nutty and not too sweet, mine was exactly like a blended up Ferrero Rocher so no complaints here.

I can’t wait to try this on my morning oats or with bananas, I doubt this massive jar will last me very long though so I may need to go buy a new blender…

Overall, not as good as I thought this was going to come out, but that can be put down to my blender. I would love to try a few twists on this and see what I could come up with! I think everyone should give this a go if they love Nutella because it’s the same taste but much more nutritious. 

H x


2 thoughts on “Recipe Review – Deliciously Ella’s Hazelnut Cacao Spread

  1. Awesome post! I’ve had great success making a similar recipe in my high speed blender (vitamix) – came out beautifully smooth. A Vitamix is definitely worth the investment if you’re looking at getting a really good blender – but I’m pretty sure there are cheaper brands that are similar such as Omniblend πŸ™‚


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