Lifebox Review

‘Lifebox is supercharged and packed to the brim with meticulously and lovingly selected health foods – real food to get the nation excited about eating well.’

This past month I decided to try out a health subscription box, and after a lot of debating as to which one I should choose, I decided to go with Lifebox. Lifebox has collaborated with brands that share the same ethos as them – to get people interested in and excited about eating well.

These boxes are tailored to the individual person, meaning you can choose from a massive range of options:

  • Women’s Health Lifebox
  • Men’s Health Lifebox
  • Nut Free Lifebox
  • Luxury Lifestyle Lifebox
  • Cleanse (Vegan) Lifebox
  • Everday (Gluten Free) Lifebox
  • Mini Lifebox
  • and even a Junior Lifebox

These boxes are great to be sent as gifts, however, if you’re unsure as to what the recipient may want, you can also purchase a gift card so that they can choose for themselves.

‘The LifeBox crew and I are obsessive believers in the power and remedial health benefits of good, real, natural, whole food’

I decided to get a trial box and chose the ‘Women’s Health Lifebox’. This was jam packed full of good treats and new products for me to try! As well as this, there were a few cards included. These explained the products in the

As well as this, there were a few cards included. These explained the products in the box and gave a few suggestions as to how you might want to use them. This month’s box was in collaboration with Charli Cohen, I found out some information about this amazing fashion designer and qualified personal trainer. Charli included a workout which I’ll be sure to try next time I’m at the gym. She also included a maple mug cake recipe which I will definitely be trying.

Recipe cards from Plantbased Pixie were included – this included chickpea spinach curry, tex-mex stuffed butternut squash, and some October health hacks!

Take a look inside the October Women’s Health Lifebox – The ‘Ever So Autumnal’ Edition:

Drink Maple

Maple Water

This bottle is full of goodness – containing 46 naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, electrolytes and prebiotics whilst still only having half the calories of coconut water!

I will be using this in a smoothie bowl instead of my usual almond milk, you can just pop this in your bag for some healthy rehydration after a long day or a workout.

Almighty Foods

Raw Chocolate Bar – Golden Blonde

This raw and vegan chocolate bar is everything you could ever want. ‘This bar is authentically stoneground with an infusion of ethically sourced botanicals, non-GMO, free from soy, dairy, refined sugars and general nasties’.

Who said chocolate can’t be healthy? My only complaint – not a big enough bar (but hey, I’m greedy).

Moral Fibre

Courgette Crunch

These little bites are handmade creations of cashews, linseeds, Himalayan sea salt and courgettes. These have been said to enhance circulation and hydration whilst maintaining blood sugar and pH.

Personally, I didn’t like this on their own, but I’m considering using the remainder of the packet chopped up on top of a salad to add a bit of a crunch.

Nom Popcorn

Tomato Pesto Flavour

I got to try the new flavour of popcorn this month! All the ingredients are organic, free from refined sugars, dairy and gluten. These have such a strong taste which makes the perfect snack, without having something boring.

These could be an easy go-to snack or, they have been suggested to use on top of soup, something which I’m yet to try!


Raw Bites – Maca Peanut

Bioglan believe that snacks should be nutritious and delicious, free from refined sugars, added flavours, colours and preservatives. These raw bites are 100% natural and junk-free.

These shall be featuring on top of some porridge very soon.


Superfood Supplement

This ‘beauty food’ sachet is aimed at fighting the effects of ageing, reducing wrinkles and can assist the repair of damaged skin. Not forgetting that it also provides support for growing nails and hair.

I will be popping this in a smoothie or juice in the morning to get some extra nutrients to start my day off right!


Energy Ball – Kale and Ginseng

I love a good energy ball! Sometimes I buy them and sometimes I’ll make my own but this one was in a different league. The flavours are amazing and you can’t go wrong with a vegan, gluten-free, organic and 80% raw snack can you? #GreenIsSexyVitl


Greens Sachet

This is described as ‘complete daily superfood powder’. Providing nourishing energy in only 25 calories, this is the perfect start to your day. I’ll be adding this to a smoothie when I’m on the go for a little energy boosting pick-me-up, or maybe even blending into some nice-cream for an end of the week treat.

I’ll be adding this to a smoothie when I’m on the go for a little energy boosting pick-me-up, or maybe even blending into some nice-cream for an end of the week treat.

Four Sigmatic

Hot Cacao with Reishi Mushroom

‘Designed to help you wind down and enjoy life to the fullest’. Reishi Mushroom is nature’s ultimate anti-stress remedy, this can balance an overactive hormone system and improve sleep quality. Cacao is also a great mood booster, an antioxidant and tastes pretty amazing.

I was most intrigued by this product because I love hot chocolate and at this time of the year I can’t get enough of it, so this was a perfect opportunity to try a healthier option. It tastes absolutely incredible!

Heath and Heather 

Organic Green Tea with Tulsi

I’ve tried this make of tea before so I’m excited to try out this flavour. I love green tea and fruit tea, but I have never heard of tulsi. Tulsi is a type os basil which is said to reduce stress and have naturally calming effects. I’ll be snuggling up to a good film with this in no time.


Goji and Cacao Organic Matcha Bar

These little bars are packed with radical fighting superfoods, containing an amazing blend of; matcha, goji, raw cacao, acai, chia seeds and green superfoods.

They are free from refined sugar, gluten-free, GMO-free, soy-free, vegan and paleo – something that I’m sure everyone could give a go (as long as you’re not allergic to nuts).

Gathr Foods


‘An Ethical source of protein’. These are made with cricket flour! I had the raspberry cacao version – this was completely new to me and I was intrigued by the cricket aspect.

The taste is amazing and the bar fills you up, if you’re not vegan/vegetarian I’d definitely say this is worth a try as Gathr state that crickets require less resources to farm and produce less harmful by-products than beef! Trust me, you have to try this before you right it off for contains bugs!

Squirrel Sisters

Coconut Cashew Raw Bar

‘Our snack bars are first and foremost delicious! We believe that you don’t have to compromise on taste in order to have a healthy lifestyle’. These bars are vegan, gluten-free, raw, have no added sugar and are paleo, all with only 91 calories per bar. But most importantly, they taste amazing.


Plant-based Protein Sachet

Organic pea and rice protein in the most beautiful packaging I have ever seen. I have the vanilla flavour and will be using this in my morning porridge or in a nice cream recipe. These vegan, raw and high protein sachets contribute to maintenance of muscle mass and normal bones and can provide you with loads of energy to get you through the day.


How impressive is that list?!

Every single item in my box was an opportunity for me to try out something new or something that I already love – this was a great way to introduce new products and new ingredients into my everyday life and help me stick to the healthy lifestyle I’ve been aiming to maintain.

Find out about Lifebox here:



I hope you have all enjoyed your week and have an amazing day – thank you so much for reading this – H x


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