Om Yoga Show – London


On Sunday 23rd October I made my way up to Alexandra Palace to go to The Om Yoga Show. One of the most beautiful buildings in London (in my opinion), with the most amazing views over the city. The views were especially pretty on this day because it was nice and foggy.

The Om Yoga Show is the biggest yoga gathering in Europe and one fo the largest in the world. They have annual events in London, Manchester and Glasgow.

‘Visitors come to the OM Yoga Show to immerse themselves in a truly yogic atmosphere for the whole weekend. Free open classes provide the opportunity to be inspired by leading teachers; the chance to try something new, or revisit an old favourite.’


There were lots of different stalls around the hall. These were a combination of clothing, jewellery, super foods, retreats, yoga accessories and meditation aids. You could also have massages, try out new flavours of tea and enter competitions for yoga related freebies. It really doesn’t matter if you’re new to yoga or a veteran to it all, there really is something for everyone to see.

The Om Yoga Show was linked to The Mind Body Experience. This is focused more on meditation and the soul. Within this area of the exhibition, you could have your tarot read, have guided meditation, attend talks and purchase related items as well as aromatherapy and essential oils.

‘The world is full of mysteries, amazing people, natural science and age old wisdoms. The Mind Body Soul Experience not only brings these elements together, but adds a splash if excitement, a dousing of entertainment and more than a fair share of pampering.’


A wish tree in The Mind Body Soul Experience – people write out their notes and tie them up.

I bought some food (obviously) from a lovely bunch of ladies at a raw food stall. I bought;

Raw Health – Organic Kale Chips Black Pepper and Garlic; These are gluten free, vegan and are damn tasty. They have just the right amount of flavouring and crispiness and are perfect for when you fancy an unhealthy snack.

Raw Health -Organic Blissed Chocada Truffles; These 4 truffles are raw cacao and date balls which are organic, vegan and gluten free. They are so rich and have the perfect texture so I’m toying with the idea of cutting them up into little topping pieces or eating them as treats!

Pro Fusion – Maca Almond Tigernut Butter; This tastes absolutely amazing, has added protein and has the perfect creamy smooth texture. I’ve already had this on my breakfast every day since and it is amazing!

Pro Fusion – Chia Coconut Cacao Nib Granola; This palm oil free and refined sugar-free granola is perfect for when you wake up with a sweet tooth. Fully organic and is vegan too! I love topping smoothie bowls with granola to add a bit of crunch.



I attended one open class which was ‘Durga Sadhana: Power Up Your Tapas! – with Alessandra Pecorella’. This class was within the Vita Coca open Class section and we were surrounded by palm trees and coconuts; my class was 30 minutes long. Alessandra was lovely, she made sure we were all focused and explained exactly what we were doing at all moments. This class was focused on ‘creating heat and radiance’, and I certainly felt this in my quads and hamstrings throughout the whole class. It was amazing how much you can focus in to yourself even within a massive room, hundreds of people, five other open classes and endless noises.


I was going to attend an open aerial class, however, the queues were massive and I didn’t have enough time. But this is something I will be doing another time.

The Om Yoga Show is great, however, I fee you only fully benefit from the day if you have made a plan beforehand, this is purely due to how popular it is and how busy some of the events can be. You can book onto some paid workshops, varying from £5-20. If not you may spend a while queuing in order to get into the open classes.

I’ve made a video of some of the event which you can find by clicking on this sentence.

Enjoy your day and get bendy or active whenever possible 🙂

H x


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