Simple Strawberry Smoothie Bowl

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As it’s getting warmer it’s always nice to have a smoothie bowl for breakfast or as a snack, and this ice-cream like smoothie bowl is perfect.

This requires hardly any ingredients and takes very little time – win win situation.


2 frozen bananas

1 1/2 cup of frozen berries of choice

1 sachet of strawberry Whey Box whey protein

Splash of hazelnut milk (or milk of choice)

Toppings: sliced strawberries, chia seeds, granola, frozen raspberries



Add the frozen ingredients into a blender, add a small splash of your chosen milk, blend.

Continue to blend until all frozen fruit is smooth, add milk where necessary in small amounts to encourage blending.

Add the sachet of whey protein and blend further.

Spoon into a bowl and flatten out, top with chosen ingredients, in pretty patterns or in a massive mess of all your favourite things.


  • When freezing the banana, cut it up into small chunks so it’s easy to chuck straight in the blender when you want it
  • Alternatively, use frozen avocados instead of bananas for extra creaminess
  • Water, fruit juice or yoghurt can be used instead of milk if desired

If you re-create this recipe let me know how it tastes and send any photos my way via social media:


Check out WheyBox on their social media, these little sachets of protein are the perfect size to carry around or use in any recipe and the flavours are absolutely amazing! If you use the code WBOX20 on their website right now you can get an extra 20% off!




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