Fitbit Surge – Review

Fitness trackers and smartwatches have become an essential part of every gym goers lifestyle. These little straps of technology help you to track your activity levels, heart rate, steps, and calorie count. As there are so many exercise tracking watches on the market, it’s hard to know where to start.


With there being such a massive range, with some watches simply tracking steps and others being triathlon or ultra-run ready, it’s hard to know what YOU actually want from the product. Additionally, with smart watches such as the Apple watch now jumping on the fitness bandwagon, the market is well and truly flooded with options.

I have had the  Fitbit Surge for over one and half years now after my trusty original Fitbit Charge flew off a roller coaster in Florida. I was pleasantly surprised with how easy this new watch was to use and the accessibility it had to my iOS device.


So what makes the Fitbit Surge stand out?

Thought the Fitbit Surge may look like your standard activity tracker, it can do so much more than just track steps. These are my pros to this nifty little watch:


Easy to use

Simple and quick to charge.

Accessibility via iOS and Android devices.

Can track multiple activities – running, weights, pilates, you name it, Fitbit has it!

Charts on the app to identify trends in your steps, heart rate, activity etc.

Can connect to your phone to receive text, email and phone call notifications.

GPS tracking.

On wrist heart rate tracking – this means no chest strap!


Occasionally pauses after you click start to run. This means you need to make sure to remember to unpause otherwise some of your run won’t be tracked.

Bulky – so many people have commented on how big it is on my wrist, my wrists are quite small so it sticks out a big chunk. This makes it hard to wear as an everyday activity tracker as it ruins how some outfits look.

GPS sometimes takes ages to connect.


What can this watch not do?

The only downfall with this product is that it is not waterproof. Though this is not the end of the world it means having to remember to remove it before showering at the end of a gym session which can result in fat burning calories not being tracked post exercise. Obviously, this means you also cannot track swimming activities and therefore would not be suitable fir triathletes.

Final thoughts…

If you partake in various forms of exercise, would benefit from GPS tracking and are looking for quick data accessible from a mobile device, this is the watch for you! The only downfall for me is the bulkiness of the product. If you’re looking for an easy to use fitness tracker this should definitely be one to consider.


For more information on the Fitbit Surge please click here.


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