6 Workout Videos For Travelling

Having just graduated from university, I am hoping to spend a while travelling and exploring and see where I end up. For me, exploring comes hand-in-hand with indulgence and though I fully recommend eating ice cream for lunch, it can leave you feeling sluggish and not on your best form. I always find that a stroll or a quick workout can get you back to feeling on top of the world, I myself am still trying to get into working out on holiday but feel this list will help you in no time.

I have found my favourite online workout videos that I believe can be done anywhere in the world; whether in a hotel room or on a beach. Here are my top 6 workout routines which cover all things yoga to leg burning routines…

Carly Rowena – 7 Day Challenge

This is perfect for everyone from beginners to highly trained athletes as this only takes 19 minutes per day and each move is perfectly explained by the lovely lady that is Carly Rowena.


Yoga With Adriene – 5 Minute Morning Yoga

This is so easy to fit into your routine when you’re in a rush as it’s a small 5 minutes of your day. If you have longer and are looking for a deeper flow have a look through Adriene’s channel and take your pick – they’re all great!

StayFitandTravel – 10 Minute Full Body HIIT

This channel is dedicated to simple hotel room friendly workouts that require no equipment. This is a great all round body workout – if you don’t have a mat you can use a towel to soften below you.


Joe Wicks / The Body Coach – 20 Minute Beginners HIIT

Another HIIT video here! This one really knackered me when I gave it a go, so if you’re looking to get a good sweat on this is your workout!


Cassey Ho / Blogilates – Stretch Focus

Any video by Cassey is amazing, she instantly makes you happy! This one is great when you just need a good stretch, maybe the plane has left you feeling a bit stiff or the hotel beds are just a bit hard on your back. Give this a go and see how you feel!


Alice Liveling – Upper Body Workout

This workout is simple and effective and is great to target the upper body. Alice is using a set of 5kg dumbells however this can be done without weights. If you would like to incorporate the weights then use two filled water bottles and give it a go.


If you don’t feel like giving any of these a go but still want to get in a good workout, I would recommend going for a fast walk, finding some outdoor stairs, or possibly even trying some sprints up a hill in intervals. Remeber that having a good swim or walking to and from places on holiday counts too but make sure to enjoy your holiday and not to worry about missing days at the gym or indulging too much – life is too short!

H x


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