On this blog I write about all things that interest me, whether travelling, fitness classes, the latest recipe I’ve given a go.. I’ll try my hand at anything.

A little bit about me; I have a 1st class degree in Sport Science, I am a qualified fitness instructor, and I work at Sweaty Betty!

I like; mint tea. sunflowers. finding a really good book. travelling the world. dogs. wine. sleeping in. fluffy socks. going on walks. hot chocolate. new girl. thai food. indian food. all food. london. the seaside. making lists. photography. clean sheets. candles. making plans and chasing dreams.

















2 thoughts on “About

  1. Beautiful name and very soothing site. I saw your post about Exo protein bars – made from crickets. I am just trying to have everyone save a buck because we can’t use those molecules. There are no intact protein molecules in the product – and, we make all of our own proteins. I would attach a protein molecule chart that explains it a bit better but can find an attachment avenue here. Have a great Day Oliver


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